Found some cheaper beer (19B/can) so on that now (archa) we sneak stuff to pool from 7/11. Many very well spoken backpackers with fake dreads happily buy drinks and stuff from dearest places and like to spout about being on bread line. Its a competition who is the worst off but we dont always think they are, and just because we like to dress well and dont want to wash in the river doesn’t mean we are not going to experience things. We are just doing what we want to do!
Ste had a tattoo on his back from a well known artist here he just sat and designed it for him-it’s nice.
May go to Phuket tom. You can fly for about 80 pound but we may catch a night bus as it’s only 500B each and will save us a night’s digs( tip from a guy – watch out for the guy dressed in black crawling around on the floor going through your stuff whilst your asleep.
Guide books useful but prices more inflated now. We will be eating from street vendors today to save money as spent too much yesterday- pad thai 20B each – lovely. You kind if get used to the occasional slap of sewerage stench. Contrary to the belief of negotiating price being the norm, this is not so easy. Thais must have less patience and less need now as they shoo you away if they don’t want to play the game-(you still try if the price is too high and is not fixed).
Anyway, need to tan again- still look too new. Nice by pool- no mangy dogs xxxx

P.S. don’t know why it says Tonga at the top- not even been there yet!

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