Bangkok busy- protests over economics and bad rain. 19 hours later we arrive in Phuket after a horrid encounter with a lay by cafe thing at 12 30 am- with extremely rude staff and filthy surroundings (nothing new there then), 4 pound for pringles and a snicker! LESSON – No matter how much leg room you have don,t sit anywhere near toilet on coach. LESSON – roll up your linens when using squat toilet. Well annoyed with mini bus driver from Surat thani think he was trying to kill us – no joke, playing chicken with oncoming traffic .
Spoke to long time traveller today- looks very jaded. Sick to death of scams. Most people are at it here. Gets tedious when you just want to get around. It seems the whole worlds worth of tailors live in Thailand and i’m not kidding.Phuket (Patong beach) seems lovely and is very hot but there is less of a Thai feel. It is designed more for tourists and is more expensive. We are staying here for 500 B a night- staff nice , cleaner, softer bed! during high season these rooms go up to 2000 and more per night. (Oct- April ish)!
It’s not untill you visit that you realise the enormity of what happened here in 2004. it’s very sad (and frightening) but they seem to have recovered well. There appears to be towers on the beach with loudspeakers and there are signs showing Tsunami evacuation routes.
Thinking of going to Ko Phi Phi and Krabi next.
P.S. Computer wiped all our photos in internet cafe so no updates yet !

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