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Yangshou is nice it’s very touristy here but the food has been better for us. Yesterday we went on a boat down the Li river. We sat on the front of the boat with our feet in the water the views were great with water buffalo bathing each side of us. We went early as we had to avoid the river police as we went on an illegal trip and had to be willing to jump off with no notice but we only had to pull over once then visited a really old village and jumped in for a swim and to bamboo raft. This was great fun!
It’s sad to see the old people trying to make a living here. The farmers have to look after their families when they are old usually and as the 1 child rule still applies here (unless you have a girl first you are allowed to try again one more time or if you have twins) that is why the earthquake was more devastating as a whole generation was wiped out and the parents are too old to have any more children so will have no-one to look after them. The government pay people for collecting bottles to re-cycle so you constantly have people waiting for you to drink up! (one lady told us she gets 1 yuan for 10 bottles).
Going now. China still allows smoking in internet cafes so i recon i’ve had about 20 already. Have to meet Ste in the park after his Kung Fu lesson!

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