Overlooking Hong Kong Island at night from the Avenue of the stars, amongst Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan- fantastic! Hong Kong is more multi cultural than China and the main language is Cantonese and English. Here is where most our Chinese restaurant owners in England are from, as Chinese find it difficult to get visas to leave China. It is less expensive as we imagined. Our plans for the following day for Disneyland and things were cancelled as a tropical cyclone warning 8 was hoisted and we were advised to stay in the hotel. They put the shutters down and all public buildings were closed and most shops. The weather in China has been boiling so this was quite a change. The security was more tight on the borders because of the olympics and we are able to watch parts allowed on tv. It’s nice as we have visited most places we are seeing.
After 2 buses and a flight we arrive in Kaili, South of China. No one speaks English. We have no guide here so even ordering food is a mission. The other night Ste wanted sweet and sour chicken instead of pork and they said he was ‘wierd’.They eat the strangest food.(We walked past half a dog in the street ready for eating) Lychee crisps, pea ice lollies- the list goes on. Buying from the supermarket is impossible. We have never been so chuffed with bread and jam!
LESSON- just because it has a picture of a cherry on the packet don’t be fooled it has cherry flavour inside (We think they do this for a laugh!)
Getting stared at here again. Our friend Asha is from Fiji and they keep touching her as they think she is big! She thinks it’s funny though. There are a few tramps here and mentals running round filthy with their pants on! Oh well all part of a travellers day!

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