Due to floods and landslides in Vietnam which lots have died and some missing we are unable to enter Vietnam by land an visit Sapa. We have to fly to Hanoi instead.- We stayed in China for a few more days and went clubbing. This was great as we were the only westerners and they love us so we had a free bottle of vodka and the locals danced with us all night. China felt very safe and we were told they have a policy that if they hurt a foreigner they will get into serious trouble. The children around wear clothes with the crotches out so they can just wee or poo when they want (wherever they are!) which is a bit mad and we have got used to eating with only chopsticks so will be strange eating with a knife and fork again.
To save money the other slept in shared dorms but Ste and i refused as they said we couldn’t sleep in the same room. They have such a problem with showing affection in Asia even when you are married which we find mad when their woman behave the way they do sometimes. When i asked our guide why they don’t recognise westeners being married and wanting to be together she said that they know what they get up to and not us! how rude!

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