sin chow!

When we arrived in Hanoi we realised it was crazy. The roads are chaotic (mostly bikes). We were told to just walk across the roads slowly and let them go around you (sometimes with your eyes shut!) The locals have a 3 day test only and don’t have any rules on the road.
They have a large French feel here still (as they used to occupy Vietnam) so there are baguettes everywhere. The food is great and there is lots to see. We visited the womens museum Thier time during the war- they were rock hard!, the old prison (Hanoi Hilton), the war museum (Ste loved this as there were lots of helicopters and tanks and stuff) and we also went the water park. This was funny as it was proper rough but only cost 2.50 to get in so was worth it and wet to see the famous water puppet show. It is surprising how hilarious water puppets are when you have had lots to drink!
Clubbing seems like a good idea until we arrived at a well dodgy party boat in the early hours. It was like something out of Road house (Patrick Swayze). We left shortly after arriving but it was well past our bedtime. The Vietnamese are quite nice though. They squeezed and pinched a lot which can be worrying at first but we were told it was because they liked us! Not sure if they like each other though. In the market one night we saw a man and woman argueing with a knife and piece of wood!
We took a boat ride to halong bay and swam there which was niceand spent the night on Cat Ba island. We had a thunder storm in the night and it was the loudset we had ever heard proper scary! and then went back to Hanoi. As the weather has been so scorching everywhere my hair has turned to candfloss so i went for a trim! I came out with 3 inches off at least Ste had his cut on the street (50 000 vnd). You should of seen his face when he got his cut throat razor out for his shave! We are millionnaires here (this was only about 30 quid though. Our leader Troung is so good. we love him.
We visited Ho chi minh’s body (the communist president who died in 1969). This was very formal and eery and visited his living quarters which was very interesting. We then visited the Temple of Literature. The museums are all very cheap to visit so we tried to visit as many as we had time for. We then caught a 13 hour over night train to to Hue. This is when Ste earnt his nick name ‘Vodka Steve’.

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