Cu Chi tunnels

Today we visited Cu Chi tunnels. This was an underground system used by the Communist Vietnamese during the war against the Americans.We got to go down some tunnels which had been widened for tourists at the entrances but were still tiny inside. They were hot and claustraphobic. We saw booby traps used and fired a gun. Ste had a go on an m60 machine gun and AK47 and i just fired an AK47. (cost about 10 quid) They are so loud and powerful, and ate a soldiers lunch (tapioca and green tea) This was so interesting. We then visited the war museum in HCMCity which was also interesting but quite disturbing. There were graphic photographs of events in the war and a section of pictures of people affected by agent orange (dangerous chemical used during the war by the Americans which has affected future generations) and disfigured feotus’ in jars. You see lots of severly disabled people walking around Vietnam who have been affected somehow in the war (Truongs father lost a leg) it is a shame. There was a guillotine and pictures to go with it and lots of pictures and information about people being tortured which was horrid. (They would hold the women down and put snakes up their trousers!) Especially as they were doing these things to their own people from the South just because they were not communist. We have learnt so much about what happened here and it has been really interesting for us as we had a Vietnamese guide to show us some different opinions who we will miss now as we have a new one to take us through Cambodia!

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