beach break

One of our friends from the group got mugged by knife point on the way home from the beach. They took all of her things from her but she was ok, just a little scratch on her neck and a cut hand where she tried to pull away. Apparantly this happens a lot. There were no police to contact and she had to pay 5 dollars to report it the next day- charming!
After a brief return to Phnom Penh we took a 3 hour public bus to Kampong Cham. We stayed right next to the Mekong river and took a bicycle ride. We rode around the countryside, crossed the river on a raft (that had seen better days), visited a family that were famous for making khmer scarves and fine cloth, visited more temples and rode through a local village. This was mad. Our guide told us there were lots of children who would chase us to shake hands and stuff and we could give them toothbrushes and things from our hotel. Luckily we had collected lots of things we didn’t want and gave them all out. They loved it! It’s crazy how something so simple to us can make a child so happy. We visited a school teaching English and they sang ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. This brought tears to all our eyes. They were so happy to see us. It’s strange how they percieve us westerners as amazing when they don’t even know us. You can’t help feeling really lucky though. Our friend Toby rode straight into a cow it was funny (the cow was ok). We payed a family 5 dollars each and ate with him and his family in his house. They cooked me my own little veggie dishes but we turned down his offer of terantula rice wine!
The following day we took a 5 hour public bus to Siem Reap which was ok apart from someone chucking up behind us and spent 3 days here. There is a more touristy area here which is nice as we don’t stand out as much.We spent a day visiting the temples of Angkor. These temples are very impressive especially the one where they filmed tomb raider the film where the trees are growing over the remains. There are lots to visit so we just visted a few but climbed to the top of one to watch the sun set with a beer which was nice. We had our lunch outside Angkor Wat and had the famous Amok curry in a coconut. This was lovely. Our guide was pissed (again) and offered us all rice wine and failed to tell us it contained bear bile! LESSON_ do not drink rice wine when offered , there is usually some kind of wierd shit in it! Whist here we took a boat trip and visited a crocadile and fish farm and a floating village. They poo wee wash play and everything in the river. I don’t know how they do it!

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