Dancing road to Bangkok!

We left Cambodia for Thailand by bus and soon discovered why the road to the border got it’s name ‘dancing road’ after travelling for 5 hours on a thick muddy dirt track! Our driver was ex khmer rouge since the 90’s and showed us his old home in the jungle -nice. We had to walk across the border to Thailand which was a little unsettling and met our bus for our 4 hour journey to Bangkok (this took longer due to the demonstrations there).
We had a farewell meal with our group and the next day went our own way raedy to meet Ste’s brother Paul and Kelly. We were glad to see Cambodia but glad to leave to be honest and be back in Thailand. We hadn’t realised how advanced it is here and feel a little safer.
We met Kell and Paul at the top of Khao San road on the 12th. They said we had lost lots of weight but we assured them we are well (i’m sure we will put some on drinking etc with them). We are in Koh Samui as the weather is better here and thought we would give them the experience of an overnight bus travelling asia time (which is whenever they feel like) which was actually ok and only cost 550B each. (these journeys seem like a walk in the park after where we have just been!) As we have been here we can make it easier for them so they can have a proper holiday. The lady recognised us at the hotel we stayed last time and gave us the same rate which was great as it is nice and on the beach. Paul has already had a tattoo and brought 400 t shirts and sunglasses. We have sunbathed and relaxed (We feel shattered after the trip) and hired motorbikes to explore the island and show them some temples and stuff and took them to see a ladyboy show. They loved this and laughed all night. They got Ste up and dressed him as a woman. Behind the curtain they were naked and kept trying to grab his bits (dirty hounds) Ste was horrified!
We do miss seeing the more funnier sights though, like the way the cyclos in the other places carry 2 goats or 6 tv’s or a bill board on them. You name it no matter how big they will take it around. Just found a place that sells homemade chip sandwiches so excited. People seem nicer this time (or we are more tolerant). Can buy most things we need here so we can be more comfortable now!

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