Malaysia is great

Tired of our budget and 5 star hotels being SO cheap here we decided to stay in a good one. When they said KL was a shopaholics paradise, they weren’t kidding! We have never seen so many shopping malls!! Each have all the good shops, Gucci, Cartier, Chanel, Jimmy Choo (you would love it Charl) the list is endless! (Each also guarded with it’s own security guard with large double barreled shot gun!) We’ve had a nice stay here, it feels safe and the people seem very friendly and helpful. Malaysia has a king and queen so there is a nice palace (it is the only elected monarchy in the world) and still has the death penalty.
The idiots at air asia managed to break both our bags so cheers for that but we are catching a bus to Singapore.
After de-cluttering our bags i managed to buy 4 pairs of shoes. 3 are amazing though- zebra skin, leopard and silver (by Guess) only costing 65 quid for 3 pairs so a bargain really (we have saved and saved for this trip , it was a must! Message to old friends- you know i am better with shoes than i used to be!)
Our hotel is in a great spot. We are right by the Petronas towers (88 storeys, 452metres high) and we can see them from our pool. It has been Har Raya festival here. It is multi cultural (they gained independence from Britain in 1957) so we visited the Little India area. It was crazy! We didn’t see one other Westerner here but did not feel threatened- it was fun. There is also a Chinatown.
on our last day here we got the on/off bus due to lack of time (RM38 each) which was great as we saw lots of the city and went to a lovely Vietnamese restaurant on the evening.
We are glad we decided not to visit any of the islands as they have had flash floods and lots of problems- poor things. The weather has been lovely here (although v humid). Most people speak English and the transport is good so it was well worth a visit!

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