On our way to Perth!

Here has the least corrupt government in Asia, the most rules (lots of heavy fines, caning and death penalty- apparantly has the highest execution rate in the world) and is the most expensive!
Our Aeroline 1st class bus was posh. It only cost about 13 quid each and we got drinks and lunch from Subway, large chairs, pillow and blanket!
our hotel is nice and the nightime is lovely at Clarke Quay.There are many bars (icluding a hed kandi bar) and eateries along the river but it is pricey.We had a glass of rough red house wine and a cloudy pint of home brew for over 12 quid! but Ste’s first kebab in ages nearby eased the blow a little! Orchard rd is a large shopping area and most things are in English (they only gained independence from us in 1963) but it is very multi- cultural and they all seem to live well together (although some religions are banned). The internet and taxis aren’t as cheap as we had read and the weather is usually warm and humid as it is near the equater.
We took an on/off bus today as we did not have much time (23 SGD each) and walked around Suntec City. There are 4 shopping towers here and some great (cheaper) places to eat. The sweet potato bar is lovely! Marina bay is also nice. The grand prix has just finished so they still have the stands and pit stops up.
After 2 traumatic hours trying to check in at Changi airport and a crying match later (they said we couldn’t fly to Perth and there was a mistake with our air miles and it was going to cost a fortune) we have used our leftover change to buy a jug of Tiger beer and plan to cane the free bar on the plane. (We ended up saving 150USD and got a waiver on our air miles-( Ste said i should cry more often). These round the world tickets are a joke!
well goodbye to Asia, no more bad manners, terrible table manners, lack of ability to que or wait turn…cheapness, lovely figures (has to be genetic, they eat too much! Singaporians eat 5 meals a day but have one of the highest life expectances in the world ) the best sweets and pop ever (black grape! black forest cadbury choc and loads of others!) warmth and friendliness. What a great (sometimes difficult) experience. It was well worth it!

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