We arrived in Perth on a bank holiday so thought this was why it was so quiet but soon discovered this is the norm. The city is very quiet so we hired a car to explore. The beaches are lovely as it is the Indian Ocean side and also the port. When settlers from England arrived they had spent so long travelling here by boat stayed in Freemantle as they didn’t want to travel any longer so it is busier here. God knows where they buy clothes here as the shops aren’t up to much (you can tell in their dodgy dress sense) and everything seems to be really far behind. The hotels, TV and music is from the 80’s and it feels very bizarre, like you have gone back in time. You can’t help feeling a litle isolated when you’re from bustling uk, especially when the flight in exagerates the enormity of this side of the country, where there are massive areas of absolutely nothing for miles! The weather is lovely with blue skies, and senery fantastic. We took a drive down the coast which is just packed with great beaches and Scarborough is nice. We were surprised at the cost of things. Bread, milk, chocolate (1 pound a bar) and drinks seem expensive but petrol, houses and cost of living still very cheap compared to England and there is so much space! They reckon the food prices have increased due to the mining influx in the North.
We got pulled aside and questioned loads at the airport (must have looked dodgy) due us travelling a lot and having lots of foreign stamps in our passports but this was ok, security seems good. We stayed at the Goodearth hotel (135 dollars/night)- hostels looked dodgy- and although we felt like we were in a time warp found the staff very nice and the hotel was very clean.
We visited the Perth Mint ($15 each) which was great fun and watched a gold pouring demo and held a $200 000 piece of gold! We also had some special coins designed and made, and chatted to the staff for ages as they were lovely and were telling us the best places to go. The Aussies we have met are nice and helpful on the whole (but have also come across some divs).

We flew here because of the distance (256 pound for both) and stayed in a hotel which was ok not too far from the city. It was evening time so we went on the search for food. We walked up Gouger St as directed and had a strange instinct feeling to come home (it was 11 30 pm). The next evening disovered there had been a shooting here at the weekend. Apparently there are some problems here with gun crime- which just proves these things happen everywhere. We can read the local newspapers here as they are obviously English so is good as you get a proper feeling of the places. The next day we had a walk around and then hired a car to have a proper look. Again it is lovely here, more busy and a lovely beach area in Glenelg where we later stayed but got kept up until 5am due to shouting and police cars (it was a Saturday night). There are so many hot rod cars on the road here in mint condition it really is a sight. The kids must have some money here……………

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