kangaroos and koalas

We took a trip to Cleland wildlife park which is in the bush. This was great. As we were standing in the que we bumped into our friend Linzi which was weird as we had both planned to be in different places. The park was brilliant. We stroked Tommy the koala and fed kangaroos that were just hopping around us in their natural surroundings. Both of these animals as so lazy they are funny. We saw a Tazmanian devil at feeding time. These look cute but their jaws are 4 times stronger than an American pit bull. They have started to develop a rare facial tumour which is killing off the breed and they don’t know how to help them so there is danger of extinction which would be a terrible shame, and dingo’s and wombats which are so cute! The rest of the day was well worth the $14 entrance fee.
There are lots of good places to see in Adelaide including the Barossa wine region (Jacobs Creek is here) and we all went on a day trip which took us back here to some wine tastings (and got Linzi and us a little tipsy). We visited Haighs chocolate factory (their nougat bars are to die for) and mount lofty for some amazing views of Adelaide. The botanical gardens are pretty and so is the old port.
We went to Linzi’s hostel and cooked dinner and learnt that my sis had been in a serious car crash and was in hospital which is horrible when you are so far away. She is hopefully on the mend now-GET WELL SOON SIS! The public transport is good here and we got away with never paying for a tram ride (scruffers). Ozzies elsewhere call Adelaide church country maybe as it is a little quieter than up the coast (don’t remember seeing loads of churches) but it is really nice, full of lovely parks and senery and a great place to bring children i imagine.

It was also a coincidence that us and Linzi had planned to go to Melbourne at the same time and stay with our friend Asha. She made us feel very welcome and took us on a tour in her car (at 12am the one night i may add- she is a nutter). She left us all in her house whilst she went to Sydney so we explored using her sat nav. Melbourne is ace! It has a great mix of a busy shopping area, lovely beach and marina area and sights galore. St Kilda is so pretty. The museum is the best we had all seen and the old prison great fun (we went on a tour where they act and you pretend you have been arrested and get locked in a cell and stuff- the guard made a little boy cry!). This is where Ned Kelly was held and eventually hung.We went to an Ice bar where everything is made from ice including the chairs and glasses and was -25 at some points ($30 each) and we had to dance to keep warm.
A trip down the Great Ocean Rd is a must. There are wicked views and little bays to stop and get fish and chips. The 12 Apostles are a sight although there are only 6 left now and London Bridge has now also collapsed.The weather has been nice as it is nearly Ozzie Summer! It’s funny to see ‘watch out for kangaroos’ on road signs and you see some crazy animals and birds walking about. Melbourne is more like a city in England.It is very busy.

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