capital of Australia

Apparently Melbourne and Sydney were argueing who should be the capital of Oz so they gave it to Canberra! There are lots of things to see here and out of all the places this one continues to use the original plans from the beginning. We went to the war memorial which is quite a site and was present during a plaque announcing ceremony from WW11. The rest of the museum is impressive too. The shopping here is ok and there are some nice places to eat.We visited the Canberra museum and art gallery which had an exibition on the old cinemas which were once here which was interesting, the Mint and the old and new parliament house. New parliament was great as we managed to sit in on a televised question time with parliament and Kevin Rudd the prime minister. Considering that when we got here ‘the economic crisis wasn’t going to hit them’- it has now, so this was of great interest. The building is very impressive and the flag on the roof which looks tiny is actually the size of a double decker bus. The roof is grassed and before Sept 11th you were able to roll down it! There is a Magna Carta here and various objects related to the queen and Queen Victoria. Every country we visit has a reference somewhere to England which makes you proud to be British but they also manage to slag us off too . We are renowned to slagging ourselves off enough for everyone so this becomes a little annoying at times!
Old parliament house remains as it was years ago and is really good to see. Everything has been left as it was and there was a great exibition of the contraversial Billie Hughes (the longest serving PM for Oz).
We stayed in the YHA the first night ($93 with shared bathroom!) and then stayed in the Rex hotel which was only $99 and was well posh in comparison. As we are in recession now in the UK it is having a backlash in Oz, however petrol was dropped here to 33 English P the other day!! They have also dropped the interest rate by 4%! The government are giving people money and massive allowances for first time buyers so it interesting seeing this thing from another country. The news shown about the UK seems to be selective and usually has a negative slant so we find out from relatives back at home. The weather has been scorching here and they would of been glad of the storm that was brewing as we were leaving as they were praying for rain. This massive country has lots of resources but are in dyer need of rain fall. There are signs everywhere asking you to try and reserve as they are in drought.
We are to catch a 3.5 hr bus to Sydney on Tues!

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