To all those who argued the case, it is confirmed- Linzi asked the man in the British lolly shop and he said Cadbury chocolate is different here as they add more vegetable oil- it’s horrid! Which i suppose it’d good as it stops us from eating it! They eat lots of pies here. They have all different kinds including kangaroo!
We caught the bus from Canberra to Sydney (3hrs) and stayed near Darling Harbour which is nice. It’s lively day and night here and of course has the famous opera house (and Sydney funnel web spider). You get such an overwhelming feeling when you first see the opera house and habour bridge but when we went on a tour of the place you realise how really amazing it is. The 3 year time and $7million cost estimate ended up being $102million and 16 years to complete! The designer (Jorn Utzon) resigned before it was completed after the government thought it a waste of money and has never returned to see it finished. They have now begged him for help to make changes as they didn’t complete it fully to his requirements and he has agreed, however he is now 90 and won’t travel so his son travels for him. We saw 2 shows – an opera – The Makropulos secret in the opera house, and in the concert hall – a trumpet soloist and his quartet accompanied by the famous Sydney Symphony orchestra. He (James Morrison) did a tribute to Duke Wellington and was the best trumpet playing i have heard. (As trumpet used to be my second instrument this was a great treat but we both enjoyed it!) The opera house has many famous things going on. Film premiers are held here (The Matrix being one) and the concert hall held Arnies last body building contest and the final of Ozzie pop idol. The orchestra we heard has played with many a star (Pavarotti, Elton John and Kanye West just naming a few!) We had to scrape our best clothes from our rucksacks to try and look slightly decent and had a brilliant weekend. At night hundreds of bats fly around the lit up opera house which is eery but a truly amazing experience!
We visited many areas of Sydney and met up with friends ( 2 had just come from the UK and filled us in on all the important stuff from home- economic crisis, hollyoaks, eastenders…) and went clubbing. We got pulled from the que for priority entry which we found very amusing as we looked like scruffas but had a funny night. The music is very behind compared to ours but the Ozzies loved it!
I brought 2 pairs of Ugg boots here as they are cheap and comfy to walk in (didn’t think my bag was quite heavy enough) and it does get nippy here.
We still haven’t found any nice fish and chips (if they all just left them cooking for longer than 2 seconds for goodness sakes!) The sea gulls love them for it though but they seriously attack you- it’s really hard to not look bothered when 100 hundred of them are flying at your head!
Apparantly crime is high here but we were ok. There are many different nationalities too. The shopping is ok – thought it would be better (which is probably a good thing). The buskers are very posh – they all have microphones. In one day we saw a wicked beat boxer, tap dancing clown, brilliant guitarist and (didgeridoo ists?) We saw no funnel webs!
sorry about the lack of photos posted – not had time. will catch up soon! Bondi beach is lovely but very busy!

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