Kia Ora – City of sails

There are lots of interesting facts about NZ (and sheep) From the first country to give women the vote to the inventer of the crinkle in your hairpins so they don’t fall out. We stayed in Auckland. It is nice here , similar to England (and probably as cold) and about the same prices as Oz. There are lots of Asians living here (Japanese/Chinese?) most souvenir shops and restaurants are owned by them and a lot of Maori people (who are huge) so it seems very multicultural. We decided not to stay here long as we wanted to find somewhere more lively after being in Oz too but it was nice to see. (All the countries have the biggest, bestest of everything apparantly but it gets very tedious after a while because it usually isn’t when you get there!)
We went to the civic theatre which is extremely beautiful and saw Phantom of the opera. This was just brilliant!! The shopping is ok but a lot of things have to be imported so can be expensive however considering there are apparantly 11 sheep to every person here the wool products are not cheap!
The viaduct and surrounding areas are nice and there are lots of crazy things to do and islands to visit. As there is alot of volcanic activity here lots of people visit some amazing sights, however i am sick of being scared for my life at the moment so am giving this a miss!


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