After a very bumpy horrid 12 & 1/2hr flight we arrived in fabulous Los Angeles. I had travelled the west coast before but Ste hadn’t but i knew he would love it. We stayed in Beverly hills for a couple of nights ($430 for 2 nights) which was ace and then in the street next to Hollywood bld. We did some shopping in the Beverly Centre (and in my fave shops Juicy couture, Bloomingdales Victorias secrets and Macys) and dashed around looking at everything (there is plenty to see and do day and night of course) La ink from the tv show was right by us and the Kodak theatre opened up after the American Idol auditions so we did a tour there. This is where the Oscars are held. It’s not really impressive like we imagined (especially after visiting the Sydney opera house) but was good to see. They seemed to of cleaned up the walk of fame area since i last came which was much better. (The Ugg boots are much nicer here and quite cheap too). We went shopping on Rodeo drive, Robertson drive and 3rd street amongst other places and Miracle Mile is nice. Hollywood Gym was over the road from us and was open 24 hours. We made a friend in there who was trying to make it as a singer – he was a nutter!
They seem to think a massive earthquake is imminent here so we had a big time drill in preparation for the people to practice what they would do (scary) and of course the fires. We had a heatwave in LA and some fires broke out. The news here was dominated by them as the condition was so serious and very worrying for us. LA was put in a state of emergency and we had to conserve energy as they were worried about a loss of power. The skies were black from smoke and ash which made breathing difficult and loads of people lost their homes. It was the worst they had had since the 60’s! Next time we see these fires on the news here we will realise how terrible they are.
Whilst walking in Hollywood Bld one day we were asked if we would like to appear in the audience of the late night show with Craig Jefferson. Of course we went for the crack- what a laugh. Being on a fake, got to laugh loudly when they tell you even though he is so not funny, with a fat warm up guy dressed as Elvis and a load of way over the top Americans was good fun but highlights how fake and siily this whole industry is!
Obviously we went on a tour of the star’s houses and saw loads of how the other half live-( Madonna, the Beckhams, P Diddy, Jenifer Aniston, Robbie w, Tom Cruise and so on) and saw where some movies were made- ( nightmare on elm st, pshyco, fresh prince of bel air, father of the bride) and also visited Universal Studios which was great! ($61 each and $12 parking). We saw lots of movie and tv sets (Desperate housewives, Pshyco, Western films, Fast and Furious, war of the worlds- which had a real aeroplane in it, and lots of others) and went on some rides (the Mummy ride fails to tell you about the G force thing!) and saw a show by the animals from films. The smoke and ash was quite bad here as one of the fires was close by.
We visited Malibu beach and Venis (which was a mad as ever) and only came across Bepe from Eastenders who kept staring at Ste for some reason. (Perhaps he thought Ste was famous or something)

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