26th Nov

After a 4 & 1/2 hr flight we arrived in ‘The big apple’ It is so cold here. On the flight we were made aware of the attack in Mumbai and were informed of a security alert in NY which was a shame but we were ok. We were told to get a taxi instead of using the train which cost $55 (with tip of course) and by this time it was late. We were put in the wrong room and had to share a single bed in a room which was about as big as the bathroom we had in Vegas. The heating was broken so banged all night and was red hot so didn’t have a wink of sleep (we weren’t being divas either) but it was expensive to stay here, so we went out about 6 for a coffee and it was well busy as it was Thanksgiving. The place was packed (we were staying in Times Square in Manhatten) and the Macys parade really over the top. (When America says it’s the biggest and best- it generally is!) The next day was ‘black Friday’ in which they have loads of sales and there were people everywhere. One man got trampled on and killed in Walmart by customers after ripping the doors off the hinges! Macys on 34th St was beautifully decorated and everywhere feels really christmassy (i know that’s not a real word)
We went on a hop on hop off bus to see the sights ($98). The Empire state building, places where films were made (including the fountain used at the beginning of friends, Sex in the City, Supermans offices and the Trump tower where the apprentice is filmed ), the statue of liberty amongst lots of others were great to see and the twin towers ground zero sight very sad. It’s frightening when you are there and see how far the devastation went across the city, we were surprised many more people didn’t die! There is a battered and burnt globe with a burning flame nearby which we were told was going to be disposed of but when it was moved they found many body parts from people that had jumped, so they have decided to keep it out of respect. They are now rebuilding on ground zero. New Yorkers won’t be deterred. They are not a very nice bunch if we are honest. They have proper attitudes and swear at people in shops and stuff. A girl took a disliking to us at the airport and we had a right time going through security- they thought it was hilarious. We didn’t mind as we have nothing to hide but feel they should be a little more professional as this is an important issue. The tip thing is worse than ever here they are just plain cheeky (at least on the west side they were nice to you so you didn’t mind as much) We were also staying right near Broadway so we saw lots of great things. Brooklyn is nice.
We went to Central Park which is lovely. We love the way they really celebrate christmas and there are ice rinks everywhere.
We imagined the Streets were perhaps not too safe at night (there are always sirens going off) but we stayed safe. Even though the people are a bit mean it is a great place to visit!

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