29th Nov BACK HOME!

Well – after 3 states of emergency, terrorist threats, burning sun, freezing cold, good food, bad food, posh hotels dodgy motels, 14 flights, god knows how many miles on land, 11 boats, 3 hire cars, serious fires, floods and land slides, numerous ways of toilet using (flushing, tap turning, soap dispensing,hand drying, possibly the worst types of toilet known to man) driving on the left, driving on the right, 1 speeding fine (so far) and extreme hair dodgyness – we have decided we have seen everything we wanted to see and have surprised everyone and returned home to proper chocolate, cheddar cheese, normal bread, Sunday dinners, proper English tea, decent Indian, Chinese and fish and chips, family and friends (and Maisey) and my hairdressers.
Everyone slags us Brits off but most want to live here and we have found to be a little defensive of our country at times. Things that happen here sometimes happen in other countries too and we have seen history from all over the world and don’t know as much about our own. So- we have had a fantastic time and am now going to travel England!


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