Not left for my travels yet, but heres the plans..

Well as the title suggests, and where im situated. You can see i havent actually left my humble home yet. I havent as much as booked any flights or accommodation yet!
Why? I hear you ask?
Well heres the thing. I just recently decided that i wanted to travel, especially to Australia. And the reason for this will come about later on. But the reason why i havent done anything in terms of booking anything yet, is because im not leaving the country until ive finished my university degree. Ive just finished 3 years of college, and i have recently been accepted into uni for another 3 years. So yup, 3 years till i can leave this joint! Of course perhaps your wondering why i didnt decide to go travelling now, after college? Well, i didnt think about the travelling idea until i was just accepted into the RGU (Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen).
Now, theres a few reasons behind the desire to go travelling. One reason, is that ive been studying for the best part of my life, so i figure i need a break! Plus at least if i get my degree in my pocket, i dont need to worry about having to do more studying.. at least for a long time! Another reason, was that i literally have no money to go anywhere. (Well as a matter of fact i do, but i like to think i dont have any so i can save more than i need! See what i did there?!)
The other reason behind the travelling, and the main reason behind wanting to go to the land of Oz is that my ex lived in Australia for a pretty big part of his life. Now as crap as the split up was between us was, and how much of a jerk i feel he is right now, hes made me want to go to Australia. He described how awesome Australia was, and the lifestyle. Plus i love the accents! Weird? Yeah probably. But i feel it would be awesome for me. Plus, as most people say when they go travelling, i really think i’d “find” myself. Ive never ever lived alone (Ive been living with my parents for my whole life so far) and, yeah it will be real scary, but i really think it would do me the world of good, and be an experience of a lifetime!

So thats it i guess. Ive so far started the saving. Ive written down what money i can put aside from my wage each month (at least being so far away till i leave i have plenty of time to save bit by bit) and hopefully the student life wont steal that all away from me in a flash, when i start Uni!
Hopefully i can look back at this blog in many moons to come and update on how much the saving has come along, and possibley have a flight booked or something along those lines! I really want this to happen for me, i just hope that from now till the day i leave, nothing happens to screw this up. I need this!

Just over 1000 days to go!

Australia 2011… here i come.

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