The plans have now changed ever so slightly!

So a little updated for you all..

The initial plans when i first entered this site was to finish my uni degree and save over the next 3 years, so that by the time i had finished and graduated my degree i could leave asap and start living my life outside Aberdeen!

However.. (!) That plan did’nt really turn out as i had hoped. I started university mid September, and i think its safe to say, i hated it from the very start. I dont know what it was.. i just didnt enjoy it in the slightest. It was possibley a mixture of many things.. much more work than college.. missing my college mates.. extra stress (i cannot handle stress in the slightest!). So after much diliberation, many tears, and lots more chats with the people closest to me.. i quit uni at the start of this month. Yes it was possibley a very hastey decision to make, but im so so happy with the choice i made.

So now.. heres the new plan…

Ive managed to get myself full time work and Marks & Spencer, where ive been working for the past 2 years part time. Which, i know, doesnt sound very exciting, but im pretty content working there. Decpite having to work on stocks at the moment until my contract is finalised! However, once that is sorted ill be working on the service team (where i belong!). Im hoping once i get my contract signed and sealed.. ill be able to figure out what my savings will be like each month. Then ill get a general idea of when i can get going.. ie. going to Australia!!

My idea right now is to get out there a year from today. So mid/late October sounds good to me! Ill be saving everything i possibley can over the next 12 months from now! So far i have £1000 in my savings account, so im getting there! I hope to buy my one way ticket asap.. not till i get my contract sorted though, so i know what my savings will be like each month. Id love to buy my ticket by the end of the year.. but we shall see! I’ll update on everything that happens from now till October ’09!

Laters 🙂

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