Leaving the love of my life!

Hi, i need help and get this off my chest

i am going around the world for 10 months with my best friend this has been planned for nearly 2 years! and i am so excited to go as it is something i have always wanted to do!

however i have been with my boyfirend for nearly a year and we met knowing i was going travelling and decided just to have some fun with eachother for a bit however a month into knowing eachother we both fell head over heels in love! and as the months have gone of the thought of knowing i am going travelling has put a major strain on our relationship!

just to let u know what our relationsip is like well hes known all my friends since school and my best friend longer than ive known her! we spend near enough every day with eachother and do everything together going out with friends, going on holiday together, doing family things together etc. the realtionship has moved much faster than either of us expected and we never planned to fall in love let alone this deep.

the orginally plan was for my bf to come and visit my best friend and I and stay together while i was out there and try our hardest to make it work and have a long distance relationship. however after spending a week in ibiza with my friends we found my bf found it extremely hard being away from me and has now changed his mind into coming or splitting up.

however coming along with my best friend and i i dont think would be fair on my best friend and it was not in the orginal plan it was just meant to be a girl thing just us 2 agaisnt the world and having the most amazing experience. but i also can’t bear the thought of spltting up with my boyfriend as he means the aboslute world to me and over the past year i have realized he is the one (both of us have dicussed marraige).

i just dont know what to do! do i agree to split and maybe hopefully get back together if thats what we want when i get back or do i try my hardest to stay together while im gone!

hes worried ill change as a person and wont be the same girl he fell in love with, that things wont be the same and that he wont be able to handle me gone (however i do think if u really love someone that much ud make it work no matter what) and im worried ill loose the one guy that has loved me through and through and means the world to me!


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