Just touched the 96 day mark :)

Ok seriously, the need to go is getting greater and greater by the day and I actually didn’t think that was possible. We have a few brief days of sunshine which has also made me think that this time in just over 3 months I will be in approximately 30 degree heat. It was so nice getting some sun on my pasty white skin! I always find it amazing how much happier everybody is when the sun comes out!

Why is it when you are planning to go away you end up zoning out from people who just seem so stuck in their little bubble. I mean it’s each to their own and I guess I am just very different but see a life outside of the UK and know that there is so much more in this world that needs to be seen. I find when there is general chit chat going on in the office I end up day dreaming and thinking where I will be this time in 3 months or so! At 28 most of my friends have got themselves all settled with kids, marriage, house etc. I know at 28 I really should have moved out and my mum cannot understand the constant need for adventure – but that is what life is for – to experience everything that is out there. I think my parents would love for me to settle down but I think that is the last thing on my mind and I think they are slowly coming round to that fact. I’ve not wanted anything to tie me to this country. When I go away it will be different, well I hope it will anyway otherwise I will just keep travelling 🙂

I live for travel at the moment and I love spending time with the horses as it really helps me to unwind from work but then when I finally get home later on in the evening I have to do something travel related, be it write up a blog from my diaries from my last trip, send a message to my up coming travel buddy which at the moment is a breath of fresh air or even to read up on a place that I am going to. It helps me to actually just get through the day and even a day with out travel talk of some sort makes me very grumpy!

I read a good thing in the Daily Mail today…’Travel really does broaden the mind. A U.S Study found that people who had lived abroad performed better on creative thinking tests. They say moving to a new country involves psychological changes that boost problem solving’. I will raise a drink to that! I might figure out when I go away what it is I really want to do with my life. I seem to fall in to jobs and we’ve all done it. Got comfortable with the money coming in, paying the bills living for a few holidays a year. You get used to the same 4 walls and this is where you spend most of your life so you do actually have to enjoy it! They all say that you find yourself when you travel – third time round I hope I find what it is that makes me tick! I love coming on to this site and just being able to speak to people that are the same in the fact we all love travel!

Horses are my other big passion for me back here so to be able to go straight into a job that has contact with horses will make things easier. I’ve looked after the same 2 horses for a while now so to then go to nothing in the first week will be a bit of a shock to the system. But it won’t be for long, I plan to at least find some horse work wherever I go.

Not quite sure how I’ve managed to ramble on as much as I have but really felt the need to write an entry!

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