Still in Aylesbury :o( but just hit the 87 day mark :o)

Ok I know I rambled on in my last blog entry for this one particular journey but just felt the need to write another one and it’s only been about a week!

The sunshine has decided to make an appearance here in the UK and yes I know for us here that is very rare! We are indeed known for April showers but we have seen no sign of any rain. So this has had an affect at work and brought every single person out of the woodwork so it’s been chaos at work which is obviously good for them! I have gone in deliberately early in order to get an hours worth of sunbathing in. Got my own little sun trap, people who walk past when they see me sunbathing leave me well alone! It’s great!

I’m definitely a sun person it’s very clear, my mood has just been on a high all week! It definitely does do the whole happy hormone thing and it gives you energy as well! And come on a tan always helps boost the self esteem, just nice not to be a shade of white! When I am in my little sun trap spot at work, I close my eyes and imagine myself in distance shores particularly beaches! Shame about the screaming kids for background noise, would much prefer the sound of the waves crashing down as they reach the shore. Not long now!! Whenever I am at work booking events for any time after July, it’s such a nice feeling knowing that by that point I will be somewhere that is not here!

I know that I should not complain about the country that I live in as obviously I grew up here and there has been lots of good things about this country – alot of the parts I have not seen before so maybe if I do return then I will see more of the UK. The one thing I was scared of when I started the job where I am now, was without having a goal or flight booked I would get myself pigeon holed into the 9-5 working life again, get used to the money, meet someone and then just settle for a life that I know really isn’t for me. The things here that have kept me sane here, a loving family, close friends who put up with my constant rambling about travel and my horses and cats.

I’ve also come from a background of working in the car industry for 5 years so was constantly having banter and having a laugh with blokes. I am now working in an office of women – don’t get me wrong they are lovely women who put up with a lot from me. Mainly a lot of hyperness from too many sweets and also ramblings of travel also. But I am craving some male interaction. I’ve always got on better with blokes so this has been a real adjustment period and has taken a lot of getting used to. Not quite sure I’ll ever get used to it!

I’m frantically trying to find extra work to fund the travels and it appears to have turned a corner this week with 2 calls for interviews for part time work which is a real bonus so things might start to be coming together. Need to seriously get my travel head back on, I know I said that in my last blog but really do. Having another job may well mean that I spend less time with the horses but I do have to keep thinking of the long term aspect of things here plus it will mean less time of planning and writing but again it also means that the time will go quicker.

Reading back on just this short bit, I really can ramble on for England! Sat here on a complete high from everything. Watched Fast Five at the cinema tonight and honestly that is a frickin awesome film. Must have been one of the few girls in the cinema along with my friend Norma. I do have a thing for cars and if the men look good too well who am I to complain – personally I think that’s a great combination for a film!

It’s the Easter break here in the sunny UK and I am off now till the 3rd May which is going to be a well deserved break after only taking a couple of days off here and there for tattoos so I am taking full advantage of this time off! Hopefully the sun will stick around a bit and actually let the UK have a sunny bank holiday rather than a miserable one which is well known in this country. It has to be said that this may well be our summer, lets hope not!

I have spent a lot of time chatting to my upcoming travel buddy who I met through a meet up that I was supposed to go to in Birmingham but for whatever reason didn’t but still stayed in touch with some of the people and Jaymie was one of them. The one thing I have not done with anyone that I have travelled with is get to know them before I go and after endless messages, we clearly are on the same wavelength. I managed to persuade her to come out and meet me in Thailand and the more we talk the more I find we have in common. Firstly we both love beaches and the sun so that to me is a great start! Obviously there is a lot more to it than that, they do say that the right people come into your life at the right time….! We’ve both been itching to go away since our last stint, she has also travelled alone so that makes it easier to know that we both know what it’s like!

It’s going to be such a nice feeling waking up tomorrow knowing that I don’t have to go to work for 11 days so tomorrow is starting off with a lay in – although if the sun shines I know that won’t happen and really looking forward to spending some time with the ponies. They have been so good recently so it’s making me realise that horses will always have to be a big part in my life, not necessarily working with them but just to be able to be around them!

I guess I should leave it there. Was supposed to be packing to go and see my friend in Essex but that can wait till the morning. It has been so nice to write again 🙂

87 days and counting!!!! 🙂 🙂

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