60 days exactly….exciting times!! :)

Well as of 5 minutes ago I hit the 60 days mark so that’s like 2 months and I am at 35 actual working days at work so that’s just a bit exciting. I’ve never been so excited to leave a place – I know it’s giving me money to do what I want so I really should stop moaning! I guess I have just got to the stage of NEEDING to go for my own sanity.

Before my last trip I was so over excited about going and getting everything organised (I had even longer to wait last time!) and I didn’t actually find out about this site until a couple of months before I left so I didn’t seem to write too much about the time before I actually went on my travels. So I appear to be making up for lost time!

I have spent so much time researching about Thailand and visas all of this week that I actually confused myself into what I think I needed and remembering the whole idea of this trip was that it was supposed to be stress free and going with the flow! Finally appear to have gotten to the bottom of the visas saga for Thailand so that’s a big sigh of relief!! 🙂

I actually bought my rucksack yesterday! It was a great feeling to smash the money pot I had been putting all my spare cash in. Turns out to have saved £225 so that was not bad going at all! 🙂 That should be coming this week. I can actually start seeing how much room I have to pack – as that is going to be my life on my back so that’s going to take some organising. I have gone for the wheeled option again with the added option of the straps when needed. It has to be said when I went away last time – it made all the difference and there was only a few times that I needed to have it on my back. I just have to learn how to pack light! Did also buy a waterproof cover for the rucksack too as i often got caught be it on a boat or travelling to a hostel in the back of a truck where I got caught in the rain!

I love the way with travelling, you have to be so flexible when it comes to planning. We’ve been trying to incorporate visas into the mix of where we can and can’t go etc and planning too far ahead so hopefully now we have the start of the route at least then can look at other options on the way down and hopefully meet some cool travel buddies on route! 🙂

I have been working a lot of hours at the bar so it’s good for the extra cash however not so good that I don’t get to see my ponies as much so have been making an effort to go and see them when I have some spare time. When I go to see them after a few days off, I realise how much I have actually missed them so know that when I go away they will still have to play such a big part of my travels! I seem to be sickening for some form of flu bug that seems to be going around so think my body is trying to tell me to slow down but I can do that when I get to Hong Kong and Laos hopefully before starting my work!

Ok so think I will leave this entry here, I always seem to go for longer than expected as my hands seem to just keep typing as quick as my head is thinking! 🙂

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