Jabs and travel stuff – time to get organised!

Well I am very near to the point where I started writing my blog for my last trip so this means that it’s getting closer and also quite scary!

Got jabbed with needles yesterday which was ok, only had to have Typhoid and a Hep B booster so that was good. She was trying to get me to have Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies but decided against those plus why are they so bleedin’ expensive. I know your life is worth more than money but still seriously – us backpackers do things on a budget, it’s a wonder we go out with any money! Going to have another appointment with the nurse and doctor before I go to make sure I have everything covered! Did feel like a penguin when the jabs finally kicked in, decided to fall asleep when I got back from the docs and could not move my arms up! Got a right lump in my arm where the jab went basically straight into muscle! I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to needles!

The first part of the trip is now looking a bit more organised, got my head round the visas side of things so I actually feel like I’m quite organised. My rucksack arrived, it’s nearly as big as me with wheels. I decided on a wheeled rucksack and for all of those who are debating which bag to get – I would honestly say a wheeled rucksack. I used to rucksack straps about 2-3 times in 5 months so despite it being expensive it was bloody well worth it!

Got some trav buddies coming out at the same time so this trip is all looking good to go! Honestly so excited now! Meeting a friend from here in Bangkok in October hopefully from Oz and then also my travel companion from here in the UK a few days later. New Zealand is gonna be awesome too, cannot wait. Got so many ideas going through my head about possibly going over to Sydney for New Year. Was supposed to do that when I went in 2009 so it’s all about making the most of this trip! So the next 6 weeks is all about selling stuff, got 2 more mini flights to book then it’s all good!

So the countdown is now at 54 days in total and just 31 days left at work!! I am honestly chomping at the bit to leave work now, the shorter the time I have there the longer it seems to be going. I am loosing all sanity, cannot be who I truly want to be and just talk about travel. It is actually going to send me loopy!!! When I leave this country it will be all about doing what I truly want and not getting stuck into what makes me miserable – life is honestly way too short to be doing something you are not happy doing!

So will leave this blog here….. a bit of a vent! Wonder what I will think reading this back after a few months ha ha !! 🙂

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