Thinks the parents may get a new lease of life after I finally leave!! :)

So I am now on the 40 day mark with 19.5 days to go at work which makes it 2 full weeks after this one, a four day week then a 2 and a half day week!!! I think it might be finally becoming a bit more real as I try to figure out what I can sell whilst having a clear out. My dear mother has already ear marked my bedroom for when I go.

The last time I went, the day after she’d already got it painted and to a spare room. She obviously got a bit of a shock when I turned up earlier than anticipated and also as a surprise turned up a few days early!! But after today I fear that both my mum and dad will be glad to have a break! Had a minor mishap in the kitchen which was not a great thing to do the day before they come back from holiday!! I may be packing my bags to leave early!! he he 🙂 Lets hope not!

I seem to be working so much at the moment that I barely get a minute to myself, I’m frantically trying to do some exercises to get myself with a bikini body before I go and also get as much time with the horses before I go. This week seems to be ok with working as not got as many shifts as normal but I have been asked to work at a nightclub in a city close by when someone supposedly famous. Now if any of you watch the Only Way is Essex – Joey from that programme is going to be at the club. I struggle to watch that programme so it will be interesting to see the turnout! I worked in a night club a long time ago so I think I might struggle to work till 3 in the morning but we shall see! Thankfully not working the next day so that’s at least something.

Managed to get a big chunk of my credit card paid off today which is a huge relief, it’s all about getting debt free before I go. Just got a couple of hundred quid to clear it so it’s not all bad. It may mean not having as much when I get out there but it just means that I will be on a very tight budget when I am out there so will take some adapting. It’s very strange that I only have 1 more full pay day before I go! And I can now officially say that I am going next month! I started my official notice period on Monday so that was a great feeling!! 🙂 There’s quite a few changes happening at work which makes me realise that this is a good time to move on.

Managed to do a bit of shopping after work today as well as paying money in so very constructive. I realise that buying a couple of tops and a make up bag doesn’t add up to much but it all helps. So the rest of this week where I physically have the energy I will be having a clear out and seeing what I can sell on ebay. 🙂

Looking forward to the weekend already and even more so my bed tonight!! Top of the hill day tomorrow – nearly the weekend 🙂

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