18 or so days to go!!!!

Well I felt the need to add another entry….. 6 and a half days left at work and after last week honestly phone/office jobs really can do one! For a short time at least! We had a major event happen on Friday with a concert so all I have done is slept/talked and done nothing but hear about it so it was kind of a milestone to get to the end of last week. I now don't have to do another Friday at work ever again in this country! Everyone said to me at work that I shouldn't be so final and wishing my time away but honestly I know that a new start officially starts in 3 weeks time as it's about doing what I love and not comprimising! That starts with travel! Whatever happens around that will honestly be a bonus in my eyes! It's like when you travel, it's not that you can reinvent yourself but you can truly be who you really want to be when you are not around the same things day in and day out. I was in my part time job today and I not only was given a journal to keep writing in while I am away so that was a really nice thing from one of the locals, Dave. I also stole a mask which was left last week. Which when I now realise the meaning, it's a butterfly mask. My sister gave me a painting on one of my birthdays a few years back which was of a chrysalis. So it's all become quite fitting in that it's like I have been in a chrysalis whilst doing the 9-5 job and not really doing what I love and when I get out and finally do the travelling I will become that butterfly. So the butterfly mask is going to come with me and every place I will be visiting I shall have a picture of me with the mask! I have an element of worrying too much, it's just something that I've always done. I worry about what could happen, how it will happen and whether I will have enough money! When you are doing the right thing everything will fit into place! It's one of the biggest tests in life and I'm learning you honestly have to just go with the flow and be as flexible as possible! Things with travelling never happen the way you plan out to no matter how much you try to set it out in stone! You really have to go day by day, so this journey is a true journey of finding out all about me, meeting like minded people on the way, visiting some amazing countries and really just not worrying about what will happen in the future and just concentrate on the here and now! Bring it on that's all I can say!

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