How did I get here?

Ok, so I spent three years at college getting 6 A-Levels, 3 Years at uni getting a law degree, 1 Year at law school getting my LPC certifictae to become a qualified solicitor, quick think. How can I get myself in to more debt and put off becoming an adult and getting a job even longer?…Travel the world.

Well it’s not quite like that. To be honest up until a couple of months ago my life was on track. I was in love and on a pretty good career path. I thought everything was sorted until one day me and my boyfriend of 4 years broke up and everything changed, I was so depressed that I couldn’t really see my future without him. Then it occurred to me that I needed something to look forward to, something that I could concentrate on and put all my efforts in to.

My Mum reminded me that I have an Australian passport and that maybe I should go visit family over there. My Dad reminded me that he paid my tuition fees and that maybe I should get a job. My Mum’s idea sounded great. I knew I had always wanted to go travelling but my boyfriend of the time had no interest in it what-so-ever, and then I realised that the reason I hadn’t gone travelling before was because he never wanted to so I just put the idea of ever going out of my mind. So fuck it! I’m young, free (apart from the student debt, which doesn’t count anyway) and single, why stop at Australia? Why just visit family? If I am gonna do this I am gonna do this properly.

I didn’t really know where to start, then I found this site. I was scared of doing the trip by myself but there are reams of posts on GY that assured me that I would meet people along the way. I have always made friends easily and all I wanna do most days is laugh and make others laugh even if that means making a drunken fool of myself. So why couldn’t I do it?

So one day, having decided where I wanted to go, I just booked it and I leave on the 6th November 2008.

London-Bangkok-overland to Singapore (see Penang and KL on the way)-Sydney-Brisbane-Christchurch-Auckland-Tokyo-UK

I land in Sydney on the 27th November and I will be working in OZ for atleast 6 months.

I can’t wait, and if anyone wants to join me then that would be great, especially if you haven’t been bored to tears by my indulgent blog.

xxx 😀

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