Introduction… About Me

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for taking time out to check out my diary 🙂

Here I will tell you a bit more about myself….

Surprisingly my name is Terry (No really!), I am 23 years old and live in Merseyside, England. I have recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University. My course was Computer Studies. It was a 4 year ‘sandwich’ course, with the 3rd year of the course being a year working in industry. This was when I managed to save up money for my gapyear.

I have always wanted to travel the world but never really knew how and when I could do it! I didn’t know much about gapyears back when doing my A Levels, my school never really mentioned it as an option or encouraged it – I only found out about gapyears and the various things people do, when I talked to other students in my first year of university – some had taken a gapyear before starting uni. Obviously I was interested to find out more, and thats when I came across this website 🙂

This is when I started thinking about taking a gapyear, and with the planned year in industry in my third year i would have the funds to go after uni – a post uni gapyear.

None of my friends felt the same way about going travelling, so I am going alone. I feel a hell of a lot better about going alone now than I first did – after looking into it more and more, I have come to realise that many people go alone and to me, the positives of going alone outweigh the negatives. 😀

A lot of people regard independent travel/Long Term Travel as ‘an extended holiday’, I disagree – OK I’ll have a great time (hopefully anyway), but I believe there is plenty you can learn, plenty to gain from on this type of gapyear.

It takes an awful lot of organisation and planning, decision making, gain extra confidence and also will give you good life experience.

I would rather see the world too, instead do what many people do, work for 50 weeks a year, then a 2 week holiday on the med. (Every year).

Anyway, thats a bit of an introduction! I will soon post info about my gap plans – where I am going, when I am going to be at those places, and my other plans. 😀

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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