My Plan

Hi again

Time to let you know what my plans are while on my gapyear.

I will be visiting:

>South Africa
>New Zealand
>U.S.A. & Canada.

I will give you a rough idea of the areas I will be covering in each country….

South Africa 😀
Duration here: 19th Jan – 7th Feb.

Cape Town first, then travel along the coast eastwards stopping off at a few places on the garden route, before arriving in Port Elizabeth (Using the Baz Bus as overland transport) at which point I will catch my next flight – onward to Australia.

Australia 😀
Duration here: 8th Feb – 31st April.

Arriving in Perth, I will spend nearly two weeks with relatives, then I will fly to Sydney for mid/late Feb, at which point I will get a National Oz Experience Pass (travel up east coast, then back around the middle, passed Ayers Rock and back around to Sydney), and arrive back in sydney at the end of April for my next flight to New Zealand.

New Zealand 😀
Duration Here: 1st May – 22nd Jun.

Arriving in Auckland, I will get a Kiwi Experience/Magic Bus Pass and visit both islands. Returning back to Auckland to Catch my next flight to U.S.A.

U.S.A & Canada 😀

-West Coast USA & -Vancouver, Canada 🙂
Duration: 22nd Jun – 28th Jul.

Arriving in Los Angeles late June, I will make my way across to see the Grand Canyon, then make my way up to see Yosemite NP and San Francisco. Then Fly to Seattle.

I will travel across the U.S/Canada border from Seattle to Vancouver (mid July). I will be staying with a friend there for nearly 2 weeks. Hopefully will see a bit of the surrounding area – more of British Columbia. Then back to seattle to catch my next flight.

-Chicago, USA 🙂
Duration: 28th Jul – 3rd Aug

Then flying from Seattle at the end of July, the next place will be Chicago, just for 4-5 days. Then I will fly to Toronto (See Canada – Toronto)

-Toronto 🙂
Duration: 3rd Aug – 15th Aug

I will arrive in Toronto from Chicago. I will be staying with a friend while there. For about two weeks. Then its off to Boston to start my trip in North East USA.

-North East USA 🙂
Duration: 15th Aug – 31st Aug.

Arriving in Boston from Toronto, I will make my way to also see Washington DC and finish my trip in New York (What a place to finish! – If I have any money left that is!).

1st September – I arrive home 🙁

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