My Round The World Ticket

When it came around to getting a Round The World (RTW) ticket, I had several options available to me. There are several different alliances that offer RTW tickets, each alliance consists of several airlines the cover certain areas of the world, to give you the flexibility needed.

You can get the cheaper RTW tickets for as cheap as £800 ish, but these offer less flexibility. Other tickets cost more, but do tend to be more flexible on where you can visit and how many stopovers you can have. I won’t go into all the different alliances here, but if interested check the link below – its from a travel agent website, but gives you a good bit of information on the different RTW Alliances.

RTW Alliances (WesternAir Site)

I opted not to get the cheaper type tickets as I wanted a bit more flexibility expecially when visiting USA. In the end I decided to go for a ticket with the ‘Oneworld’. Its an alliance made up of several airlines, with the big airlines being British Airways, Qantas, and American Airlines. If you want more info check out the links below:

Official Oneworld Site
Info about the oneworld ticket (WesternAir Site)

Basically the cost of the ticket is dependant on how many continents you visit, and the continents you do visit you are allowed 4 flight sectors in each, with the exception of North America, where you can have 6 flight sectors. This obviously gives a lot more options than the cheaper 6-7 stopover tickets.

I am covering four continents on my trip:

and North America.

The price goes up or down depending on if you visit less/more continents.

The cheapest quote I got was from STA Travel for £1319 + Taxes, other travel agents were quoting £1399 😮 . So I went to my local STA to book the ticket with them. Its a lot more complicated to book this kind of ticket due to the amount of flexibility on this ticket, so whatever itinerary I wanted, it had to be sent to British Airways to check. My itinerary was sent back and forth between STA and BA quite a few times until it was finally sorted after I had to alter a few flights to go via some other places).


January 18th: Manchester – Cape Town (VIA London)
February 7th: Port Elizabeth – Perth (VIA Jo’Burg and Sydney!!!)
February 17th: Perth – Sydney (VIA Melbourne)
May 1st: Sydney – Auckland
June 22nd: Auckland – Los Angeles
July 10th: San Francisco – Seattle (VIA Dallas!)
July 28th: Seattle – Chicago
August 2nd: Chicago – Toronto
August 15th: Toronto – Boston
August 31st: New York – Manchester

With taxes and other necessary stuff it came to £1480 in total for Flights. Which is a lot more than what most people pay for tickets, but with the added flexibility of being able to move around North America easier – I think its a bargain! 😀

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