With the Countries I am visiting I don’t have be covered for everything under the sun, but I still need to be covered for some of the nasty things out there!

South Africa is the only country out of all of the ones I am visiting that I need vaccinations for.

I went to see my doctor last week to find out what exact vaccinations I need..

Hepatitis A

Luckily I didn’t have to make another appointment, the nurse was free so I went to see her and she said that she could do the injection there and then. 😀

I only had one injection – it was a combined Typhoid and Hep A jab. That covers me now. In terms of Malaria I won’t be visiting Malaria areas, as the only malaria area in South Africa is in the far North East region – I’m not going near there. But she told me if my plans change and I do go into malaria areas – I know what I need to do.

Both the doctor and the nurse was very helpful – strange for my local surgery!

On the rest of the Health front, been to the dentists, and going to the opticians shortly after the xmas break.

So its going well….

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