Discount Cards

Obviously on a budget while on my trip, any money saved will help so much (and David Dickinson would be so proud).

As well as getting discounts on your nights stay at hostels, and discounts on tours and activities you can do, you can even get discounts on the travel kit you buy before going away, anyway I’m sure you knew that….

I have gone a little mad as I have 3 discount cards… 😯


I got the IYTC card (International Youth Travel Card) from STA Travel, cost £7. Aswell as giving you discounts to the usual, you can also save money by getting discounts on some flights – by getting youth fares. It acts as a Ekit card too – Voicemail, E-mail, Cheap Phone Calls.

I got the VIP card from STA Travel too, this cost me £16. I thought this would be a useful one to have, especially for Australia and New Zealand. This card seems to offer lots of discounts for OZ and NZ. Does the same as the IYTC too – acts as a Ekit card.

I got the YHA/H.I card from the YHA (England and Wales) Website. It cost me £13.50. I mainly got this one because some places I am visiting in USA have very few hostels, so H.I hostels would be the places I would be staying at, and any money saved here on hostels is great considering the higher rates that H.I have at their hostels. This also acts as a ekit. The card has already paid for itself, as I have used it a lot to get 10% discount at shops such as Millets and Blacks when buying my travel kit.

So yeah, I am a bit mad buying 3 cards, but there is no doubt these will save me lots of money while I am away. 😀

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