forever young

you only live once. you’re only young once, you’re only 21 once, you’re only alive once. everyday is a day that goes by that you only live once, we cant go back, you cant change decisions you’ve alraedy made or take back anything you’ve done. so do it right. im 21 i have a 18month old and i love him more than life itself, but that does not limit me. i will see the things, i will go places, i live life, i will be a little crazy. i need to be. when im old i want to be able to say oh hey ya i did some crazy shit. now i thin kthere is a difference between being crazy ad being insane. for example, i am going to canada in march while my son visits his dad for the month. why canada? because i met a guy in a bar a few weeks ago who convinced me it would be a good time, an adventure. am i crazy? hell ya i’ll admit that, but im young, and i want to be a little crazy, i need to be a little crazy, i need to be young and stupid.
neeedless to say i think i am succedding in that need 🙂

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