Yerevan, Armenia

By Tigran Mujukian – Some info on Yerevan and Armenia if you plan on visiting.

Yerevan, the ancient capital of Armenia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its undeniable elegance and warmth with a population around 1.2mil. The heart of the city is Republic Square, which is designed in the Armenian national style and houses the Government House, other governmental offices, as well as Erebuni and Armenia (Marriott) hotels, Armenian History Museum and the Art Gallery of Armenia. The singing fountains at the Square on a crisp clear night combine with a warm and busy night life to give the city a soul unlike any other. Tourists should visit Matenadaran, the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, which has the world’s largest collection of ancient manuscripts. Yerevan’s architectural character stands out in that of the most of the buildings are constucted of various colors of tufa and basalt, both of the products of volcanic nature. This makes Yerevan one of the few cities with no painted buildings.

The mounainous terrain of Armenia is rich in mineral water sources, renowned for their healing powers. Although Armenian mineral water from such sources is bottles and widely available throughout the country, it is advisable to make the most of their healing powers by visiting the sources themselves, all of them being very popular resorts. Dilijan is an awesome vacation resort, with its rolling hills and huge forests and is ideal for hiking and camping.

Armenia’s largest body of water is one of the highest lakes in the world. Lake Sevan unveils itself with constantly changing colors, contrasting itself to the sky. Sevan is a lake of mysteries, located at an altitue of over 6,000 feet above sea level. It’s waters are sweet. Around 30 mountain streams merge into Sevan, but only one river (Hrazdan) flows out.

The center of Armenian Apostolic church is Echmiadzin, the oldest Armenian church, it’s considered a major monument in Christian architecture. Armenia is the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity as state religion.

Armenia is a historic country and has breathtaking sceneries. Visit here once and you will always want to come back to see more. Enjoy your stay!

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