Winter Destination–Where Do You Want to Visit this Winter

Last winter vocation, I’ve been Harbin with my friends. It is really an exciting experience!

Some people think it is very inconvenient to travel in winter, because it is too cold.
However, some places is more suitable to visit in winter, such as Harbin, in China. Because there are some interesting large-scale activities are held in winter.
If you like white snow; if you want to spend a forgettable and colorful winter vocation; if you are interested in outdoor activities. Then I recommend you come to Harbin. If you have children, Harbin must be the most suitable place for you to spend a unforgettable winter vocation with your children.
Visiting Harbin in winter, you cannot miss Harbin Ice and Snow World. It has become the most popular winter attraction in the world. In this theme park, you can appreciate many amazing colorful illuminated ice and snow sculptures. In addtion to snow sculptures, the festival includes many other interesting activities and events, such as ice and snow carnival, ice lantern show, sliding, ice-sailing, sledging, and winter swimming performance.

Besides, Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo is one of biggest highlights when travel in Harbin. During the expo, not only can you see many giant illuminated snow sculptures featuring different cultures but also experience the local folk culture and enjoy various winter activities. You can also appreciate some dancing and singing performances here.

There is another interesting place is worth visiting–Harbin Polarland. In here, you can see the most active polar bear brothers in China fighting furiously and breeding; you can see wild arctic wolves, arctic foxes, sharks, dolphins and other sea or river creatures. In addition, you can appreciate some adorable animal performance like whale show and sea lion show.

In short, Harbin is an amazing city where won’t make you feel disappointed.

If you want to get more information about Harbin, you can search Harbin Ice Festival on google.

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