Where it all began.

The idea of travelling has always appealed to me. The first time I ever heard of someone travelling around the world was when I watched Charlie Borman and ewan mcgregor travel around the world on their motorbikes and thats when the travelling bug hit. In a perfect world i would do what they did and go around the world on a motorbike, apart from i wouldn’t have a support team following me and i would most likely being doing it solo, but short of a lottery win thats is far out of my financial reach as buying a bike, insuring it, fueling/maintaining it as well as temporay import licences for each country i would visit would wrack up a massive cost. You could say i could save up for longer to do things exactly the way i want them but my feet are twitching to go and even saving up for a year seems like an eternity. Counting down months seems to be the best way to make things seem closer and with 10 months to go until i leave it really helps.

I havn’t done to much much travelling nothing more then holidays to Paris, Orlando, Indiana and most recently Cape Verde (definitley worth a look if you are looking to unwind) and also have been fortunate enough to work in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and throughout the U.K. but that has always been with family or friends. One of my closest friends went to Australia last year on a Working holiday visa and said to me that i should go with him but i turned him down thinking i had too much to lose, mainly my career with great prospects of me becomming the youngest BMW Motorcycle Tech ever in the U.K. The funny thing is this year my employers have been really frustrating me and now my career is the thing making me want to leave and with this years Master Tech assessment taking place whilst i was on holiday i would much rather plan to go travelling then wait around for the end of next year when the assessment will take place again whilst working for my employer.

And that leads me to today sitting here on my computer writting this post in the early stages of planning my trip trying to save every penny i can for me to be able to make the most out of this possibly once in a lifetime trip.

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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