So, we have changed the itinerary a bit so that we could fit in all of the other places we wanted to go to such as Yellowstone & Mount Rushmore!! We’ve also changed our start date to 16th July to fly into NYC and spend a few days there, hopefully in a nice hotel, for our wedding anniversary! We’ve checked out visas and know what we need to apply for, we’ll need to go to the embassy in London and it takes 3 weeks to get an appointment. We also know that we need to book accomodation for Yellowstone park about NOW!!!

That’s how fast it gets booked up!!! Plus we need to book White House tickets 6 months in advance! Now the tricky thing is knowing what dates because we’ve got estimated numbers of days in each place, but if we like somewhere more/less than we thought then this could change!!! We’ve also figured out that it’s going to be more beneficial to hire a  car than buy one once you take into account insurance, registration, AAA & the hassle of selling the car at the end of the trip! So all in all things are coming along nicely!!

Just got to apply for my 12 month career break from work and start checking out some flight prices!!! This trip is all I can think about now and Im officially counting down the days!!! 327 days to go!!!!!!!! That’s less than 47 weeks!!!!!!! 10 months & 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!

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