10 Must See Cities for a Coffee-fiend Latte Maniac

Rome, Italy

Italy it famous for its love for high cuisine, and the same rule of thumb is applied to coffee. Rome is teeming with little cafés where you can revel in a cup of superb coffee. Italians treat the coffee making process with great diligence and respect, so chances are supremely low you’ll ever come across a counterfeit drink diluted by water or made from penny beans. In Rome, they serve top-class coffee only, which makes you feel at home from the very first take.  

Top storefronts: Caffè Greco, Rosati, Ciampini.

Havana, Cuba

If you’re planning on visiting Cuba, don’t forget to visit one of the many Cuban coffee spots. The tradition of making coffee in Cuba has a rich history and tradition. So, a cup of a strong yet flavourous and sweet ‘Café Cubano’ will leave a pleasant and lasting aftertaste, especially with a classy local cigar. 

Top storefronts: Cafe Bohemia, Cafe Escorial, La Chucheria.

Reykjavik, Iceland

It might strike you as a real shocker, but in Iceland coffee is a cult. Since 1772, when coffee was first brought to this remote ‘country of Vikings’, people of Island have even established a national coffee holiday – Sunny Day Coffee. You’ll find plenty of little coffee stores across the country, and since competition is high, quality of the drink is outstanding. 

Top storefronts: Stofan Cafe, Cafe Paris, Cafe Babalu.

Vienna, Austria

When it comes to coffee, Vienna is ahead of the curve. Coffeehouses in the capital of Austria are featured in the UNESCO heritage list. Vienna coffee spots are proud of their atmosphere, decoration, class and a unique taste and flavor of the coffee they serve. You can spend a whole day in one of the storefronts and never get bored. Coffee a la Vienne is the worldwide brand!  

Top storefronts: Cafe Neko, Cafe Korb, Cafe Weimar.

Seattle, USA

Seattle is the capital of the US coffee industry. It is here where the largest coffee bean processing plants are located. America’s greatest coffee chains are originating from Seattle. Thanks to that, people of Seattle are the greatest coffee consumers in USA. Starbuck’s chief office is located in Seattle as well, making the city New Coffee Mecca for everyone who likes to take a cup of latter in the morning before work.  

Top storefronts: Caffé Vita, Victrola Coffee, Tin Umbrella Coffee.

Melbourne, Australia

This Australian city is so much in love with coffee that every year there’s a dedicated exhibition held and even coffee magazine published – Melbourne Coffee Review. A peculiar fact about Melbourne coffee customs is that the city is separated into a number of districts, each with its proper tradition and preference. Latte and other coffee drinks with milk are of the outmost popularity in Melbourne. 

Top storefronts: Pillar of Salt, Stassi Cafe, Captains of Industry.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish coffee is as much a worldwide brand as Coffee a la Vienne. Strong and dark, Turkish coffee is a delight for a true-blue gourmet. Although Turkey isn’t considered the motherland of coffee, the country brought into the world a marvelous way of preparing coffee is a special Turkish coffee pot called jezve or finjan (in Arabic). Although the process takes from 20 to 30 minutes, the result is more than worth the waiting.   

Top storefronts: Mandabatmaz, Velvet Cafe, KronotRop.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The most popular drink in the capital of Ethiopia is coffee. It is here where the bean was first discovered and even named after one of the country’s provinces. Being a part of the Ethiopian culture, the process of coffee making is preceded by a beautiful ceremony with plenty of manipulations. Coffee is prepared in earthen crockery only and on warm charcoal. 

Top storefronts: Tomoca Coffee, Mokarar (Harar) Coffee, Alem Bunna.

Vancouver, Canada
In Vancouver, you’ll find little coffee spots and every corner. The citizens of the city prefer coffee to tea, drinking it a lot and in beyond-human quantities. In Vancouver, you can try coffee made via cold infusion alongside with traditional Americano and Espresso.  Despite the fact Canadians prefer to drink coffee on the go, local establishments will grant you plenty of positive emotions and an excellent pastime. 

Top storefronts: Bel Cafe, Caffe Artigiano, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the capital of Asian coffee traditions. There you’ll find both traditional recipes and bizarre concoctions only a brave will try. Common espresso goes hand by hand with exquisite coffee mixes, which cost a fortune. Nevertheless, a true coffee-vulture will feel at home in Taipei.

Top storefronts: Melange Cafe, Barbie Cafe, Paper Plane Cafe.

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