Things I’ve Learned from Years of Travelling

Travel is a great kind of activity that allows you to explore lanes and alleys of the world in most minute details. However, it also fundamentally changes your belief system and in some cases makes you reaffirm many things.

It is good to be alone

Being on the road, people mostly spend a lot of time alone. It is a period of processing when you both consciously and unconsciously rationalize and understand which elements and details of your latest experience are worth adhering to.  Awareness comes in solitude, no matter what dreams and thoughts come to your mind.

There is no point in getting angry

I have to admit that sometimes I become a little bit of a travel drama queen. Occupied shower, poor Wi-Fi connection, or artificially high prices make my hackles rise. I have been a real badass to more than a few people for no particular reason. Sometimes I get so angry that it is a miracle I don’t get it in the neck. I have come close!

The truth is the only result of your anger is alienation from a person who has to see you tomfooling and spoiled mood of both of you.

Love at first sight

Constant moving makes you distinguish the types of your heaviest hearts to the opposite sex. The truth is that you learn to know pretty instantly if you like someone or, in some cases, fall in love with someone. I’ve met boys in different corners of the world and will probably meet more before I return home. Finding a long-term relationship with a foreign boyfriend is one of my travelling goals!

Life is not a competition

I really love to look for thrills while travelling: from jet skiing in Brazil to climbing a huge volcano in the Philippines. However, the reward of a trip is not always proportionate. There are no guarantees that you will become wiser after visiting 50 countries. It doesn’t matter how much you experience, but the way you experience it. 

Setting goals is necessary

First I became obsessed with the idea of goals setting in 2010 when I secretly travelled to Canada to see my Internet boyfriend. The secret was screwed because my car broke halfway. So, my father made me repay all the money I borrowed from him during that adventure, and it was a harsh lesson. The goal I set was unachievable, but I’ve learned that it is essential to think every detail over. A few time later I moved to Thailand and became a freelance writer. So, your thoughts are your destiny.

About me:

I am fond of travelling, and work as a freelance academic writer at to combine my hobby and make some money. I try to guide students with their term papers and essays covering a great range of topics. 

Whether you’re a newbie traveller looking for help or a backpacking veteran with words of wisdom to share, our community is waiting for you.

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