Arrived – Singapore

Today/yesterday, I am not too sure really – I left the house at 11am on the 27th and it is now 11.26pm on the 28th, I have been in transit for 22 hours and I have lost track of when I usually should be asleep and awake.

The flight from Glasgow to Dubai was great. Basically the whole back section of the place was dead, so I got a whole row to myself to lay out across and watch tv, films and sleep. Free drinks too!
I was in Dubai airport for 8 hours after that, it really is an impressive place. I decided to go for a swim there, so I got cleaned up and refreshed before the final leg. I was in the Irish pub for a fair few hours and met some funny folk! 2 Nigerian businessmen on their way to Frankfurt for a convention and a couple SE Asia ex pats. It was $2 USD for a pack of cigarettes =) which was awesome. Changed alot of my cash to Ringgit, USD and Thai Baht – I am glad I did it because I know how difficult it is to change sottish notes, it took alot of persuasion.
The final flight wasn’t so fun. It was the same plane as the one I first was on, but it was an older edition, so I couldn’t lie on the seats – the air hostess was a bit of a cow =)

Anmyway, I got to Singapore Changi about 8pm and out by 8.30. I decided to take a taxi instead of catching a train and bus, simply because I was so tired. The taxi driver had no idea where he was going, but we got there in the end with the help of my trusty hand drawn maps =P. It was pretty cheap too, $12 SGD, which is like 4 pounds 50 – bargain.

It is REALLY hot here and its still only night!
Im staying at the Betel Box hostel, 7 quid a night, pretty expensive relatively for SE Asia – but cheap relative to Singapore. The staff are great, they sold me a phone card with 350 minutes to the UK for a measly 4 pounds(so mum and dad expect a phone call tonight or tomorrow). The dorm is OK, it is pretty secure, but it kind of smells – I guess thats part and parcel with living in a cheap backpackers hostel. It has a good communal area though, not too many people about. Some of the people are really friendly and some seem to just keep themselves to themselves. The area round the hostel is buzzing! Ive had a wander and it all seems OK, it will be different in the morning though, its just like Seuchiehall street.

Need to work out my plans for tomorrow. I am meeting Rin at 7 so I have the day to myself, but I need to buy my bus or train ticket to Penang.

It is so strange, I look round and I am in a daze, I guess it hasn’t sunk in that I am really so far from home yet. All in all, I am excited, but at the same time just trying to take everything in.
Outlook: Positive

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