Oh god. Bangkok!

This place is crazy! The first day(I got here early morning)me and Haji stuck to Khaosan road, then decided to go to a Thai Bozing match(see flickr). It was great! There was such a strong atmosphere. Everyone was gambling, it was more like the stock exhange or something. The boxing itself was pretty intense – a fair bit of blood and one KO. I think we watched 7 matches.
Outside the boxing stadium, there was a big event which turned out to be a political rally. It was kind of stupid going there actually because we ended up walking right into the middle of the crowd before we knew what it was all about – I just kept thinking, crap I am going to the Bangkok Hilton.
Had quite a few drinks on Khaosan road and I tried a bucket(bottle of Vodka + thai Red Bull(really strong) all mixed in a bucket) I was flying after that. Had a bad hangover this morning…
This place is crazy. Today me and Haji were walking to the grand palace after the Tuk Tuk drivers on Khaosan Road proved to be conmen. We are almost at the Palace when a Monk, tells us that most of it is closed on account of the Queens sisters death. So, nauvely we believe him because he is a monk, he tells us where we could go instead and gives us a map, then offers to talk to a tuk tuk driver for us to organise stopping at 4 different temples then dropping us off at the hotel. We accept – and get a very good price.. but then it goes wrong when the Tuk tuk driver tries to take us to a gem shop after the second temple.. we were scammed by a monk lol
I tried a motorbike taxi last night, got burned on the exhaust, but it was pretty good fun.

Need to go..
I am heading to the Floating Market tomorrow. Then the day after I am catching a 12 hour bus to Chang Mia. Haji is going to Indonesia to go surfing. I am looking forward to it. More later.

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