Well, I have finalized my travel arrangements.

I will be catching a bus to Pakse tonight, which supposedly will take 10 hours or so.
Then on the 8th of July, I will be flying from Siem Reap to Singapore.
I booked with Jetstar Asia and got the fare(including Tax) for $99 USD – not too expensive really. Then on the 9th, I fly from Singapore to Darwin, wait 5 hours, then fly from Darwin to Cairns arriving late afternoon on the 10th.

The prospect of long flights and endless waiting doesnt bother me much, now that I have experienced a fast boat down the Mekong and the Luang Prabang/Vang Vieng bus – it is going to be nothing short of luxury.

I woke up this morning, late, and was lying in bed looking up at the fan and all I could think of was ‘I am so glad I’m not spending the summer at home’. I think it was the Colombian girl I met in Luang Prabang who said to me ‘Even when I am having the worst day of traveling, I always think, at least I am here and not at home’.
I havent had many rough days so far. Probably the lowest point for me was Bangkok, because I didnt really like staying on Khaosan Road, but given that, I was still thankful I was in Bangkok. Im pretty glad I didnt commit to a placement for next year, otherwise I would most probably have to cut my trip short and work all of next summer. Feel sorry for those who are getting ready to start their placements, hope the sun isnt shining to brightly outside that office window XD

I have just been wandering round the city today, I was tempted to buy a stone Buddha head today…I must bring one home, but the thought of lugging a heavy stone head round Papua New Guinea was not appealing. Trying to look for stuff to take home, I was told I needed to bring Finlay back something…If your reading this Finlay, I was going to get you a bunch of counterfeit football strips, but I dont know who you support..I heard you can get things made from cassowary claws in Papua New Guinea and stone tools(some tribes still use stone tools, as opposed to steel). I am not a good shopper. If my family started smoking, I could just bring them back duty free cigarettes.

I think I heard a Scottish accent today, though it may have been an Irish one…

Anyway, I am gonna get washed up before my bus – which leaves in 2 and a half hours now.

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