Don Det, 4000 islands, Laos

Well, what can I say, 15 hours of travel by bus, minivan and boat and I am at the southern tip of Laos. Ive come from the top to the bottom of this place and I have loved it.

I took a bus to Pakse(I think) then, on a spur of the moment thing – hopped on a minivan to the 4000 islands. It was a kind of strange, I was wandering round Pakse after the mamoth bus journey with two Finnish guys and an Englishman – no one had any idea where we were heading next. So, I am in a travel agent, I just popped in – and the three guys are crossing the street, expecting me to be right behind them – but the minivan was leaving as I was saying this, so I took it.
We are driving for a few minutes to an ATM and we pass the Finnish guys, the driver, thinking he has a chance of making a quick buck, calls them over to see if they want to come to the 4000 islands – they hop on we drive two hours to the islands.
So somewhere in Pakse right now is a pissed of Englishman who was abandoned by his new found friends after he suggested we all go for some food.

Anyway, its the low season here, so it is pretty much dead, and it rained all day yesterday – but its a beautiful island. The 4000 islands are islands in the delta of the Mekong. There are river dolphins here aparently..and they bite.

Well, I had lunch with the Finnish guys yesterday – then they headed to the south side of the island, which is about 5km away(no roads here). Me being me, went to the first place I came across and accepted it. 20000 kip a night, so it wasnt exactly pretty – but it was right on the water and the view from the balcony and the hammock was nice.

My neighbour, was also on the bus from Pakse, a girl from the west indies, so I got some food with her at night. There isnt much in the way of nightlife here.

I decided this morning to move accomodation, so I am now in the much cleaner one up the road, which is empty apart from myslelf(like most of the places here).

Tomorrow I think I will head over into Cambodia, I can arrange transport from here, so I just need to work out where I want to go..More diving perhaps?

Anyway, thats about it. I got some emails from some of the other people who are going off to PNG. Seem nice enough, aparently there will be around 15 of us. That should be good I think, because from what I seen on Raleigh in Borneo was that unless a small group really gels, it is not going to work. So a bigger group should have a better chance of being succesful. Though in saying that, it could be quite cliquey… Ahhh it will be fine.

I am looking forward to PNG, though it is going to be a shock to the system not having the chance to decide where I want to eat, where I want to go next, where I want to stay – the complete freedom I have had over the last 5 weeks will be gone. But thats the nature of Expeditions, it is a completely different thing from travelling independently.

PS – I heard Cambodia is pretty dangerous in some places, for street crime – I am tempted to head back to Quiver divers on the Perhentians…

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