Volunteering at hostels

Hi guys,

I am about to plan my gap year and want to travel across Latam! I have saved money to buy my flights, insurance and the odd beer :). Now I know Latam is meant  to be cheap but I haven’t got an infinite resource of cash, unfortunately. 

To save money and extend my trip, I plan to volunteer at hostels throughout my trip. I think it’s a great way to travel whilst learning new skills and meeting new people! Having spoken to several past travellers, many have suggested looking at varous online platforms to find hostels. 

So my question is has anyody used either Workaway, Helpx or Worldpackers?

I know HelpX and Workaway charge money but it’s around €20 so I’m not too fussed. I think the overall savings far outweigh the cost of signing up to such a platform.
Worldpackers on the other hand is free (as far as I can see) and matches you with hostels when a vacancy is available, which is pretty cool…

Any thoughts/feeback would be greatly appreciated! 

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