Mmm…it’s sunny :)

As the title suggest, it is very sunny
So sunny in fact, that I have burnt the backs of my legs pretty badly
Wooo, I rule!
It’s getting better now though. And the Happy High Herbs certainly dulled the pain last night

I’d just like to point out, mum, dad, these are legal substances. But I tell you what – they really shouldn’t be.

Annnnyyyywho. Where’d I get to last…chundering I think it was – in Noosa.

The day after, I tried to get over my hangover by taking a walk around Noosa National Park. Every path I walked had varying scenery and wildlife, it was incredible. I also saw my first, and then not long after, second wild Koala fast asleep tangled in the Eucalyptus. Not only that, I got a glimpse of my first Kookaburra. They don’t look like you’d think – considering their sound.
And, last but not least, I saw a Spined Spider. It was tiny, but really cool, and pretty weird looking. If you google image ‘spined spider’ it’s the yellow one top right I think.

The next day (30/04/11) a really call Dutch guy named Diederik taught me loads of Uke songs using the same 4 chords. Which was nice
Thanks D

The night after I went out again, only to find myself awkwardly mingled in amongst a sea of dead atmosphere. What I’m trying to say is, there were fuck all people there. So, once again I made the journey back to my room, only to be distracted by the cool Kiwi dude I’d met the day before kicking over a chair and swearing a lot. I walked up to him and said “Why don’t you just calm down and get some sleep” and then slapped him twice in the face and retreated to my dorm. At least – this is what I should have down.
What really happened is I asked if he was okay which resulted in me ‘mmm-ing’ and ‘yeah-ing’ at the crap that seeped from his gob for an hour. And if that wasn’t enough, he went in to his room and before I could make a swift move for it, he begun throwing knives in to the tree in front of his dorm. He asked me if I wanted to try, and considering I didn’t particularly wanted to get murdered that night, I humored him, and missed. Twice. Eventually he calmed, and I went back to my room. ‘Fuck me’ I thought. He did say “have a good life” the next morning so…I guess he’s okay . . . . . :s

Maybe that was a bit too much explanation for just one incident. But what the hey!

On the 1st April I moved to Dolphins Beachhouse. A very wise idea, because this is easily one of the two best hostels I’ve been in so far. I only spent one night here, but that was enough to soke up the relaxed ambience

After Noosa, I moved to little old Airlie Beach. When I say little, I mean little. There’s one street with about 15 shops or less – and that’s it. Airlie Beach.
One morning I took part in the free Dolphin feed I’d got from my tour company. I’m going to be blunt. It was rubbish. The Dolphins were great, but, that’s it. I can’t be arsed to explain why it was rubbish. That’s how rubbish it was. But anyway! The next day we grouped up for our Fraser Island Four Wheel Drive Adventure. And team Draco was born
Draco came due to the fact that Robin (legend) looked a hell of a lot like Draco from Harry Potter. I also met Nikki and Beckah. Two of the nicest girls in Aus if not the world 😉
Love all you three. Shame that we’ve all separated now.

On the first day on Fraser we visited Lake McKenzie and I took possibly the best photo of Tommie so far
The water was crystal clear blue, it was lovely. That night we gooned up and I learnt about three new seriously cool drinking games, which I’m bring back with me 😉
The next day we visited Indian Heads which had a terrific view over the Fraser beaches. It was windy too. We also went to the champagne pools and got absolutely sloshed! Nah, not really. They’re just called that because the waves splash over the rocks making it look like champagne popping – was real cool.
The trip to Eli Creek (Hangover Creek) certainly lived up to its reputation. It’s said to cure a hangover very well due to the water being fairly ‘chilly on the willy’. No kidding. I think mine went up in to my body, lol.
The last day we went to Lake Wabby before returning back to Rainbow Beach, where I instantly had THE greatest shower of my life. Considering no one had showered on the island
Oo! And I blagged all the left-over food. Again. I really am a bum. Oh yeah, I just remembered. If anyone thinks they’ve done trampish things whilst backpacking…beat this. In Noosa I put my hands down a toilet to retrieve a dollar 50 someone had dropped. I’m ashamed of myself, and I’ve let myself down. It’s okay though – it went to Save The Children. Or a cake, one of the two.

On 7th April I arrived in Cool Bananas, the other great hostel of Australia so far, and took part straight away in Scooteroo. This is quite honestly one of the most fun things I’ve done down under. This place has got loads of 50cc Bikes together and jazzed them up to look like American choppers – genius! I proper got in to it. Put on a Bandana, shades, fake Biker tattoos. It was great fun. I overtook quite a few people too. I’m gonna look in to getting a Bike as soon as I get home

Two days later I arrived at the Cattle Station in Kroombit. There we ate the best pork and goat I’ve ever had in my life. I also learnt, along with lovely ol’ Beckah and Nikki who I was still with then, how to crack a whip, lasso goats and horse-ride. I got on the back of a mechanical bull in the night and won a Party Bus Pub Crawl in Cairns too. Which was nice.

The next day I made the long and painful bus trip to Airlie Beach. The first morning I remembered I hadn’t been for a run in a while, so I went for one. It was bloody hard work to say the least. I couldn’t breath well and I looked like a mental patient by the end of it
It was this day that I received what I’m gonna call (for secrecy purposes on behalf of those involved) ‘the extremely shitty and confusing text from Emma’. Oh hang on…nah, I’ll call it ‘Text Z’.
Text Z came as a shock to say the least. It said things which confused lil Trav. But it’s okay, I found out it wasn’t actually Emma that sent it, but one of her friends. Which is pretty crap if you ask me. S’all good now anyway, we’re friends and all that.

12th April, I met my group that were venturing out on Powerplay to sail out to the Whitsunday Islands. On the very first day we snorkeled straight away and saw a sting Wray, turtle, clown fish (nemo) and a big fish with big lips reminiscent of Mick Jagger’s. That night we gooned up and stayed in the boat’s Jacuzzi all night playing drinking games…good times 😉
The day after we visited Whitehaven Beach which is by far one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen in Aus so far. It had white powdery sand that was like flour. The water touching the shore was crystal clear and there were hundreds of blue golf ball shaped crabs up the beach which, when I approached them, dug themselves in to the sand. Cooooool

After returning from the sea, I was fairly annoyed that, once again, I hadn’t been touched by the sun. So I decided to go out to take a tanning session. I put cream on my upper body but left the legs thinking they’d be fine. Which, after about three hours, they were. At least the bottom half were, but the backs of my thighs were screwed. And kinda still are, as they are pealing currently. It’s the 23rd now, I started this blog a few days ago so the beginning is out of date…my bad.

The next day wasn’t too exciting. It was pretty shit actually. My SD card got a virus, so at the moment I can’t put any photos up of 1770 or Airlie Beach. However, that night there was a wet tee-shirt competition and two girls got half naked. Which was nice. This was on the 16th.

Tis now the 23rd of April and I didn’t write anything in my diary between 16th and now. So errrr . . . gonna have to think here. Urm.

Oh shit yeah! For the past week I’ve been on Magnetic Island which is beautiful and properly chilled out. And just today I passed my Diving Certification course and am now, as the course title suggests, a certified diver!
This means I can go almost wherever I want in the world and dive up to 30 meters (recommended 1 on my own without having to go with an instructor. The course was great fun and Stephan, my buddy, was a real cool guy to do it with. Sam was the best instructor I could have asked for too. Cheers man!
That finished, I’m now moving on to Mission Beach to Sky Dive. Woooohoooo
Can’t wait.

All the best, Trav x x x

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