Getting ready

Just started packing today to see how everything fits, and so far so bad. Stuck the sleeping bag in which instantly took up about a quarter of the space; might have to be the first thing to go. It is a “just in case item” that I only properly need for New Zealand 3 months in to the trip. Unfortunately, “just in case” is a very risky phrase that probably, in terms of a gap year, translates as “you’ll never use it and it will be extra annoying weight”. For now it will stay there and I’ll shove everything else in and see how it goes.

Also booked my check up and eye exams today. Will be interesting to see how colourblind I actually am; wanted to know that for years. For the check up I have to give a urine sample…which is nice 😕

Australian dosh is properly cool. I wish our cash was tear proof and water proof…it kinda should be cussa the rain and all. Me and Shorty agree that the best bit is the lil see through bit though 🙂

About shorty: I got a feeling it’s gunna be harder than I thought to be away from her for so long. I’ve made it even worse for myself by getting a picture to take with me. Not only that, she’s getting me a prezzy that I HAVE to take with me 😛
Sure I’ll like it.

That’s all for today, got my eye exam to look forward to tomorrow, as well as pub tonight and two farewell parties this week. Going to get my tat soon as well. Alot to look forward too.

Much love, Trav x

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