5 days to go

Well! I’ve got to say, that was a bloody eventful week 🙂

Firstly I had a check up with my Doc to see if I’m working okay: breathing’s good, heart’s good, and soon I’ll find out the results from my tested pee. Not going to lie, handing over a fresh warm sample of urine into reception infront of 15 people is a tad awkward: especially as it says “biohazard” on the bag. Who knew urine was that deadly. Maybe it’s specifically my urine that’s so dangerous aha

My farewell work doo was wicked. Emma, Sam, Ben, Tom, Lauren and IIIIaaaaaannnn, I love all you guys so much, and even though I’ve known you like a month you’re like family to me and I’m going to miss you. Thanks for organising the party and the signed card Emma, it was really cool 🙂

Just about recovered from our last night in town yesterday. It was siiiiiccckk! Mike (who I’m travelling with) isn’t actually a bad dancer; he pulled too so not a bad night for him 😉
It was pretty awkward when a freaky girl was dancing up to me, but s’all good cus I walked off and got a Bud….oh wait, no that wasn’t all good-it was £4.20! lol. WTF! Could buy a house for that…probably.

The best thing that’s happened BY FAR, is I’ve met the greatest girl in the world and now she happens to be my girlfriend aswell. I’m the luckiest guy right now 😀
I was lucky enough to get the Millets job in the first place, and then I met Emma which is a mahoosive bonus. I’m really going to miss you Emma 🙁
Looking forward to the cinema though 😉

Finally finished the “test” packing session and the bag is as light as a feather. Only problem is it’s bursting at the seams; which sucks ass because now I can’t pack Emma 😆
So we’ve got just 5 days left, it’s only just sunk in that we’re actually going, but I’m propely excited 😀
Still got the cinema with my girl to enjoy, and an eye exam so I can FINALLY see how colourblind I am 😛

Much love, Trav x

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