Burnt to a crisp

Kind of feels like I’m sitting with my back to a fire right now. Burnt a little bit: totally worth it though for BONDI BEACH, woop woop! 😀
I wanted to update this blog every day preferably but we’ve been doing so much cool shizz that it’s been hard to get the time. Because of this, I’ve got quite alot to write about…lol

I get the feeling I’m gunna tick alot off my list of things to do on this trip. Already ticked surfing yesterday; surfing is wicked if you do finally stand after catching a wave…takes a bit of practice though 😉
Bondi Beach today was awsome, you can actually see your feet standing up in the water. Good to see the Bondi rescue dudes in action too. Me and Danielle got on the Bondi Rescue tv show today I think…I flicked my locks and strutted slowly past the camera haha

We’ve been to Sydney Aquarium which is nice, worth a lil look.
I reckon tomorrow will be the best: we’re trekking up the Blue Mountains, the scenery will be spectacular.

Tommie (Mascot and Emma’s teddy) is getting some really good photos under his belt lol, got one of him infront of Bondi Beach today 😀
He still smells of Emma’s perfume too which is lush. I was gunna take him for a swi today but then he would’ve smelt of crap lol.

It’s amazing how easy it is to be influenced by the accent here. I keep finding myself going a bit Aussie in sentances :s which is silly haha

Hope everyone’s enjoying these blogs as much as I’m enjoying Sydney. You should all be jelous, it’s amazing here 🙂

Catch ya later dudes.

Sydney is Australia’s movie and Melbourne is the book: Matt from OzIntro group 😆

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